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Berrien County Democratic Party 

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Saint Joseph, MI 49085

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Berrien County Democratic Party

The Berrien County Democratic Party’s mission is to promote the values of the Democratic Party and to help elect Democratic candidates. 

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Resolution of the Berrien County Democratic Party (BCDP) in Support of Benton
Harbor and the Benton Harbor Area School (BHAS) System

Endless Local News Remind Us Why We Must Vote Democrat.
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See why local citizens are tired of having

Fred Upton in Congress. 

An accurate portrayal of LaSata representing

billionaires instead of We the People.

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Don't wait for someone else to change things, you be the change!

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We encourage residents to be active citizens by standing up for social and economic justice. Join us and our campaign for More Jobs and Higher Wages, Campaign Finance Reform, Equal Educational Opportunity, Affordable Health Care for All, Protecting the Environment, Safeguarding Human Rights, Guaranteeing Voting Rights, Promoting Justice System Reform, Reducing Violence, Protecting Veterans, Safeguarding the Economy, Reducing the Federal Deficit, and Promoting Peace.
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